Infant Baptism Team

Prepares parents of infants for baptism and offers support to help parents and godparents understand their roles in bringing up the children in the Catholic faith.

Parents seeking Baptism for their infant or child:

Please print out this form and submit the form to the Parish Office, along with a copy of:

    • Marriage Certificate
    • Child’s Birth Certificate and
    • Baptism Certificate of the godparents.

Adults seeking Baptism need to go through the RCIA. Baptism Registration forms for both Infants and Adults are also available at the Parish Office.

2014 Baptism Schedule

Rite of baptism: 5th Jan, 1st Jun, 5th Oct

Preparation talk: 29th Dec, 25th May, 28th Sep

Closing date: 15th Dec, 11th May, 14th Sep