Pastoral Services

If anointing is required before an operation, please contact a priest of the parish or the Parish Office before admission to hospital.
Parents seeking Baptism for their infant or child:

Please print out this form and submit the form to the Parish Office, along with a copy of:

    • Church Marriage and ROM Certificate
    • Child’s Birth Certificate and
    • Baptism Certificate of the godparents.

Adults seeking Baptism need to go through the RCIA. Baptism Registration forms for both Infants and Adults are also available at the Parish Office.


2019 Infant Baptism Schedule

Rite of baptism: 6 Jan, 7 April, 4 August, 6 October

Preparation talk 1 (for parents): 2 December 2018, 3 March, 7 July, 1 September

Preparation talk 2 (for parents & godparents): 30 December 2018, 31 March, 28 July, 29 September

Closing date: 11 November 2018, 10 February, 9 June, 11 August

Please refer to the Catechism page for registration forms and for more information.

The Chapel of Resurrection is not a funeral parlour.
It is booked on a first-come-first-served basis with the Caretaker.
Booking of weddings must at least six months in advance.

For convalidation and solemnization of marriages, please see a priest of the Parish.

Documents required for a church wedding/ solemnization:

  • Extract of Baptism Certificate (of Catholic party) dated not earlier than six months
  • Copy of IC of both parties
  • Copy of IC of two witnesses
  • MPC or EE Certificate of Attendance

You need to attend the Marriage Preparation Course or the Engaged Encounter.

To apply for a license with the Registry of Marriages (ROM) you may do so either in person or through the internet.

For convalidation of marriages, please see a priest of the Parish.

Available 15 minutes before weekend masses, or call any priest of the parish for appointment.
It is encouraged that baptized adults who have not yet received the Sacrament of Confirmation, to go through faith formation. One can sign up for RCIA.

Confirmation will be together with the Church’s Secondary 4 (or Year 4) confirmation class in June.

The bereaved family is requested to contact the priests or the Parish Office with a copy of the death certificate for funeral arrangements.

If you require Holy Communion be brought to your loved one who is sick and homebound, please contact the priests of the parish or the Parish Office.
Parishioners seeking House Blessing are requested to register at the Parish Office.
Marriage Preparation is a prerequisite to a church wedding. To book a date to attend either the Catholic Engaged Encounter Weekend (EE) or the Marriage Preparation Course (MPC), please go online to book a date.For a licence to marry you may apply with the Registry of Marriages (ROM) either in person or online.

EE –


Mass Intentions envelopes are available in the racks at church Foyer or at the Parish Office. Your intentions will be printed and posted on the Notice Board.

To have your intentions printed in the Parish Bulletin and displayed in the church lobby on the date and time specified, please submit your envelopes at least one week in advance.

For more information, please contact the Pastoral Administrator.
Inform the Parish Office if night prayer is requested during the funeral wake. As volunteer-parishioners provide this service free, the family may want to give a token of appreciation.
The following hospitals are served by the respective parishes:
Alexandra Hospital
Blessed Sacrament Church
Tel: 6474 0582

AMK Community Hospital
Church of Christ the King
Tel: 6459 9958

Changi General Hospital
Church of the Holy Trinity
Tel: 6784 2332

Parkway East Hospital
Church of the Holy Family
Tel: 6344 0046

Gleneagles Hospital
Church of St Ignatius
Tel: 6466 0625

KK Women’s & Children Hospital
Church of Our Lady of Lourdes
Tel: 6294 0624

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea
Tel: 6257 4229

Mount Alvernia Hospital
Church of the Holy Spirit
Tel: 6453 6340
Church of the Risen Christ
Tel: 6253 2166

Mount Elizabeth Hospital
Church of the Sacred Heart
Tel: 6737 9285

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital
St Alphonsus Church (Novena)
Tel: 6255 2133

National University Hospital
Church of the Holy Cross
Tel: 6777 5858

Singapore General Hospital
Church of St Bernadette (Mondays)
Tel: 6737 3529
St Teresa’s Church (Fridays)
Tel: 6271 1184

Tan Tock Seng Hospital
St Alphonsus Church (Novena)
Tel: 6255 2133