A vibrant, evangelizing and missionary Church, under the Patronage of St. Joseph,

To nourish faith in a loving outreaching community.

Faith Formation

Parish Priests

Rev Fr Christopher Lee
Parish Priest
Tel: 6760 0052

Rev Fr Lourdusamy Prasanna
Assistant Priest
Tel: 6769 1666

Rev Msgr Peter Zhang
Vicar General
Tel: 6760 4636

Parish Pastoral Council

Purpose and Nature

The Council’s purpose is to promote active participation and co-responsibility of all the faithful in parish life. It aims at the collaboration of the faithful with the Parish Priest to ponder and investigate pastoral concerns and to formulate practical conclusions concerning them.

The Council possesses a consultative vote, governed by norms determined by Constitution approved by the Archbishop of Singapore.

The Parish Pastoral Council consists of a three-tier structure of Parish Assembly, Parish Pastoral Council and its Executive Committee.

Executive Committee

It is the working body of the Council. It follows up, implements the recommendations of the Council, and fosters perennial pastoral activities at the parish level. The Ex-Co meets monthly. The term of office of parishioners serving the Ex-Co is two years, and shall not serve more than two consecutive terms. The President is the Parish Priest.


Parish Priest (ex-officio)Rev Fr Christopher Lee 
Assistant Priest (ex-officio)Rev Msgr Fr Peter Zhang
Assistant Priest (ex-officio)Rev Fr Lourdusamy Prasanna
Religious (ex-officio)Bro Dominic Yeo-Koh 
Chairman (appointed)Gabriel Lok
AdvisorDominic Soh
Vice-Chairman (elected)Diana Ho
Secretary Evelyn Lau 
Estate Maintenance (EM)Thomas Tan
Faith Formation (FF)    Diana Ho 
Liturgical (LC)-
Mandarin & Dialect-Speaking (MDSC) Joseph Chen
N’hood Christian Community (NCC)Vincent Lee
Pastoral Care Services (PCSC)-
Safety & Security (SS)Peter Chong 
Youth Ministry (YM)Leonard Ong
Appointed Member Eileen Chong 
Appointed Member Richard Lee 
Appointed Member Jeffrey Chan

For any matters pertaining to the PPC, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.